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Safe and insured, free from your worries:

  Insured transportation refers to a special mode of transportation based on the shipper’s declaration of the value of the goods, as determined by the transport company and the shipper. The shipper declares to the carrier the actual value of the consignment, and if the goods are in danger, they will be compensated accordingly.

• The insured amount is charged at 0.4% of the declared value of the goods;

•  The minimum insurance price for precision motor transport (short) and precision city transport is RMB6 ;

•  The minimum insurance price for precision card navigation and precision motor transport (long) is RMB8;

• The minimum price for precision air transportation is RMB10 .

  Claim category:

On-site claims: On-site claims refer to claims below RMB1,000, customers do not need to provide any information, the division can go to the site and customers to go through the formalities and pay compensation.

•  The following claims information is required for the claim amount not exceeding RMB3,000 :

1. Logistics claim application form;

2. broken photos;

3. Transfer of claim rights. (when non-consignor claims)

 •  Claim information is required for claims over RMB3,000:

1. Consignment book;

2. waybill: the consignor is the company must be stamped with the official seal, the consignor is an individual must have the consignor himself signature confirmation;

3. Application form for logistics cargo claim;

4. Proof of the value of the goods: invoice or purchase and sale contract;

5. Signing receipt: abnormal receipt certificate;

6. A copy of the claimant's ID card;

7. Cargo damage photos;

8. Transfer of claim rights (when non-consignor claims)..

Fully insured to solve the problem of cargo risk. After the accident, the information is submitted completely, 2 work replies, and pay within 1 week. The insured rate is as follows:

Type of transportation
Bottom charge
Short-distance transportation
Long-distance transport
Air transport



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