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The safest and fastest payment recovery service:

  The delivery customer sells the port to the arriving customer. The logistics company can collect the payment from the delivery customer to the arriving customer, and remit the payment within the promised refund time limit, so that you can withdraw the funds safely and promptly.

   Retirement:The bank's 24-hour precision refund service is available 24 hours a day. This logistics collection of goods launched "return on the same day", the refund time is greatly accelerated, for the industry's first 24-hour accurate refund service.

•  Refund mode: online bank payment

• Fees: minimum RMB20 / ticket, rate 10 baht, upper limit RMB200 / ticket

•  Designated banks: ICBC, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank (both limited to personal debit card accounts) Three-day refund: Confirm the remittance of the collected payment to the account provided by you within three working days after receiving the payment.

•  Refund mode: online bank payment

•  Charge standard: minimum RMB10 / ticket, rate RMB10,000 below 5 ‰, RMB10,000 (including) above 4 ‰, up to RMB100 / ticket

•  Designated banks: China Construction Bank, China Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, China Minsheng Bank, Industrial Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Shenzhen Development Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank, Agricultural Bank of China Passbook, Rural Credit Cooperative, China Everbright Bank

Customer operation needs to know:

•  hen your goods have collection payment, please fill in the payment amount on the waybill. And fill in the "Account Collection Customer Account Information Registration Card" to ensure that the account opening name, receiving bank, and account information are correct, otherwise it will seriously affect your refund time limit.

•  When shipping, if you need to unpack and inspect your goods, please cooperate; the consignee can unpack the goods for inspection without the consent of the consignor. Please contact the goods before delivery. The consignee negotiates the specifications and model of the goods.

•  When you need to cancel the collection of the payment, modify the amount of the payment, and change the name of the consignee, you will need to show or fax the customer association, please keep the good customer order.


•  Customers can pay through the online business hall of the logistics (including Alipay, online banking and Alipay cartoon payment), no fees, no bank restrictions, no amount limit, instant arrival.

•  Some sales offices can provide credit card services (the bank will charge a 1% fee for the purchase amount).

•  Please provide the following bank account information at the time of shipment to ensure timely payment (best remittance bank): China Merchants Bank, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Guangdong Development Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Shenzhen Development Bank, Industrial Bank, and China Minsheng Bank Ten Banks.

•  China Merchants Bank and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China have the quickest time to send money. The account provided by the customer cannot be the credit card and the Agricultural Bank of China passbook.