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Tailor the most professional packaging solutions for your cargo:

•  Provide a variety of extruded carton, waterproof fiber bag and packing tape, wooden box, wooden frame, protective film, etc. Packaging materials professional packaging personnel to safely package according to your cargo needs.

•  Wrong packaging, safety hazards are everywhere, and it is also an important factor that directly causes damage, scattering, and moisture. According to research data from the logistics industry, the transportation of goods was damaged, and 47.5% of the reasons were due to improper packaging. According to the type of goods and needs, the logistics company provides you with the best packaging solutions.

•  Carton: Five-layer corrugated paper design, the paperboard has moderate moisture content, good stiffness and folding resistance, and anti-vibration inside and outside.

• Packing belt: PPT packing belt, high breaking strength, effectively preventing the carton from being damaged or deformed, and is a “safety belt” for carton goods.

•  Fiber bag: Multi-layer thickened fiber bag, moisture-proof, oil-proof, anti-scattering, the preferred "protective umbrella" for cloth, service and other small items.

•  Wooden frame: pine wood material, professional woodworking hand-built, iron nail reinforcement, tailored for fragile, easy to shake animal products (such as machines, computers, etc.).