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Special car service for you:

•  Door-to-door one-stop road transport, providing delivery service at more than 1600 outlets in 600 cities across the country;

•  Door-to-door transportation time can be customized according to customer requirements. The transportation time between major central cities is 2-4 days, and that in city and county-level cities is 3-6 days;

•  Suitable for users whose goods meet certain standards* and have certain requirements for time, the applicable tonnage of trucks is 5 to 25 tons;

•  Carrying special cargo such as overweight and special shape.

Note: The “certain standard” is:

1. A single-ticket cargo that is directly transported by the exclusive carrier vehicle and delivered by the original vehicle or a multi-ticket cargo of the same consignee;

2. There is an exclusive carrier vehicle that transports directly to multiple underground cargoes and delivers all the original vehicles;

3. The volume or weight of a single ticket shall occupy more than 80% (including) of the rated weight or volume of the current carrier;

4. When the goods are loaded with zero load, the freight amount of the whole vehicle accounts for more than 80% of the total freight amount of the current departure.